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2 Responses to “CHEWY STRIKES BACK”

  1. # Blogger OZ Packer Backer

    Hey Pat ... yeah I reckon a link to your site sounds fine. I've been toying with the idea of a blog myself but haven't got around to it. Maybe visitors to the Packer Backer from Downunder site might call by here to now.

    I have some Chewy cards in my collection and always felt that he was dealt with pretty hashly by the Packers organisation. I also thought he was actually a bit of a scapegoat at the time. It's always hard to pick apart the truth from the media spin.

    Speaking of the good old "Bag 'o Doughnuts" you may have also noticed that I mainatin a Frank Winters site as well.

    For some reason it's the only Fan site on the web???


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