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Is it Time to Panic? No.

2 Responses to “Is it Time to Panic? No.”

  1. # Anonymous Jim Crist

    Hey Patrick, your normally excellent perspective seems askew today. Your "No time to panic" article fails to mention the horrid OL. The fumble is on Brett, the bullet pass to Driver was behind him, so that's on Brett, too. But we lost the game 'cuz of the crappy OL...  

  2. # Blogger PackerPundit

    You're right about the Oline Jim... can't argue it. From my persepctive the pass hit Driver's hands... I didn't see that it was behind him but I'll accept your observation... my eyes sometimes lie... like when I look in the mirror and think I'm still God's gift to women... I'm more like a stocking stuffer!
    Thank you for commenting-- Pat  

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